Wednesday October 2

Steak night!!!

10oz small farm sourced striploin $25. Our beef is curated from small farms all over southwestern Ontario and dry aged for minimum 21 days!

We are also featuring….

Lobster ravioli in a vodka blush sauce

House ground beef burger topped with peppercorn aioli, roasted red peppers and goat cheese

Chicken schnitzel, breaded in parmesan, with warm bruschetta, mozzarella and balsamic

14oz rib eye with a herbed butter compound

Kate’s frito misto – arancini, calamari, tempura shrimp and fried onion chips. Served with warm marinara and tzatziki

For dessert! It’s that time of year again….. we have fresh baked pumpkin pies! Limited quantity so get em while you can!

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