Thursday May 2

World Famous Wing Night!

65 cents a piece !

Feature Sauce – coca cola Soy extra $3

17 Taps to choose from

Domestic bottles and rail shots 4

PBR always 3.50

Feature Burger : fried dill pickle chips , spicy ranch, white onion

Feature Appetizer #1 – Deep Fried Avocado w buttermilk Ranch

Feature Appetizer #2 – Veggie and Pork Asian Potstickers

Soy Ginger Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry on Udon noodles

Chicken Schnitzel w Bacon Cheddar Sauce

Blackened Chicken on creamy fettuccine w parmesan

Rib and Tempura Shrimp Combo Plate

Pan Fried Whitefish

14 oz Ribeye – dry aged min 21 days, Southwest Ontario small farm sourced – Marsala Mushroom Sauce

Feature Dessert – fried banana bread w vanilla ice cream and lindt chocolate fudge sauce

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