Friday May 11

Fresh seafood is here!

Panko crusted scallops with a light lemon cream

Mussels, steamed in angry orchard cider. Served with garlic mayo, fries and baguette

Sesame and cracked pepper crusted tuna steak

Oysters, shucked to order and served with house condiments. Order them by the dozen, or the half dozen! Your choice!

Miso and sesame glazed salmon filet

Southern style ribs $21

Hand tossed pizza topped with chicken, sundried tomatoes, feta, asiago and sauteed spinach

In house ground beef burger topped with guacamole, corn chips and banana peppers

NY striploin topped with a scallop scampi

Ribeye served with a mushroom and marsala cream

Tbone, seared in a cast iron pan, season with garlic, olive oil and rosemary

Pan seared chicken breast with a mushroom, bacon and thyme pan sauce

Classic veal marsala on buttered linguini

Scallop and blistered cherry tomato tagliatelle in a light wine cream

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