Sunday May 19

Sunday Dinner!!

Come fuel up before you dance the night away to lulus!!

In house ground beef burger with buffalo fried cheese curds

Chicken schnitzel with a bacon and cheddar cheese sauce

16oz bone in ribeye with a gorgonzola and panko crust

Seared cobia filet with blistered cherry tomatoes and wilted spinach

Queens famous deep dish with salami, mushrooms and chili flakes

Gnocchi with Italian sausage, heat and sweet onion tossed in a garlic cream sauce

For dessert!! Amarena cherry coffee cake with whipped cream

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Thursday May 16

World famous wing night!! 65 cents a piece!! Try em in our maple bacon bbq sauce!

Hand tossed pizza (you read that right… we have pizza!!!!) Topped with salami, chili flakes, mozzarella and oven baked Moroccan olives

Milk fed veal sandwich with garlicky spinach, parmesan and mozzarella on a demi baguette

Pork schnitzel with a dijon cream sauce

Seared skin on chicken breast with a spinach, sundried tomato and basil cream

Crispy skin salmon with a pesto drizzle

Fresh, ground in house, beef burger with apple infused pulled pork, coleslaw and sweet bbq sauce

16oz farm sourced bone in ribeye with a gorgonzola and panko crust

Crispy gnocchi, tossed in browned butter and sage, with prosciutto and parmesan

For dessert!!

Amarena cherry coffee cake with whipped cream


Fried banana bread with ice cream and fudge sauce

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Tuesday May 14

Tuesday Dinner :

All you can eat Canadian Haddock and Chips – $10

Feature Burger – mozzarella, pesto, roasted red peppers, white onion

Chicken Schnitzel w mushroom, white wine sauce

16oz bone in Ribeye w Brandy, Dijon, Bleu cheese sauce

Mini Pierogis in Alfredo w crumbled sausage

Pork schnitzel with ham, alfredo and swiss

Feature Dessert – amarena coffee cake with whipped cream

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Monday May 13

Monday Dinner :

$5 Bottomless Pierogis

$8 Build your own Burritos

$5 20oz Craft Beer

Feature Burger – Bleu Cheese Dressing, Tomato, Pickle, White Onion, Lettuce

Chicken Schnitzel w Cheddar Bacon Sauce

Rib and Wing Combo Plate

2 Piece Canadian Haddock and Tempura Shrimp

Fettucine Alfredo w Blackened Salmon


Mother’s Day Dinner

Sunday Dinner

Feature Pizza : but a dream at this stage since our new oven still not working…..

Feature Burger – Fried Pickle Chips, Spicy Ranch, sweet white onion

Feature Appetizer – Seared Feta w burst cherry tomatoes, balsamic, baguette

Flank Steak stuffed w prosciutto, pesto w goat cheese cream

2 Piece Canadian Haddock and Tempura Shrimp

16oz 21 day min dry aged bone in Ribeye w Bourbon Peppercorn sauce

Seared skin on boneless chicken breast w dijon, mustard, hint of cream

10oz min 21 day dry aged strip loin w 3 pan seared bacon wrapped scallops

Soy Ginger Cashew Chicken Stir Fry

Pan tossed gnocchi w mushrooms, bacon thyme, EVOO and shaved parmesan

Chicken and Shrimp Curry on Udon noodles

Classic Veal Marsala w buttered linguine

Feature Dessert – Amarena Cherry Coffee Cake w whipped cream

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Friday May 10

Friday Dinner!!

Fresh seafood is here!!

Lucky lime oysters served by the dozen or half, served with traditional mignionette, green tobasco and lemons

PEI mussels, steamed lightly in green curry, with fries, baguette and garlic mayo

Seared Atlantic salmon served with warm bruschetta, pesto and balsamic glaze

Southern style baby back ribs!!! $22. Slow roasted for 6 hours, our secret sweet rub and house made rib sauce

Fresh beef burger, ground in house, smothered in sauteed onions, mushrooms, smoky bbq and swiss cheese. Served on a toasted potato bun

Chicken schnitzel topped with a smoked bacon and sharp cheddar cheese sauce

Veal scallopini with warmed olives, artichokes, roasted red peppers and a touch of lemon

16oz farm sourced bone in ribeye with a mushroom and marsala cream

Crispy fried teriyaki teriyaki and broccoli stirfry on udon noodles

10oz farm sourced striploin with crab claw hollandaise

Beer battered Canadian haddock and tempura shrimp platter

Pappardelle and striploin in a beef reduction with shaved parmigiano reggiano

Blackened chicken cobb salad – gorgonzola, bacon, tomatoes, avocado and hard boiled egg. Served with buttermilk ranch.

For dessert!!!! Grandmas no bake cherry cheesecake!!

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Tuesday May 7

Tuesday is ALL you can eat Canadian Haddock and Chips! $10

Feature Burger – Fried Onions, Smokey BBQ Sauce and Bacon

Surf and Turf – 10 oz NY Strip w a gorgonzola and panko crust

Chicken Vesuvio Sandwich – breaded chicken breast, mixed peppers and onions, marinara and mozzarella baguette

Pan fried lake huron whitefish

Schnitzel w Ham, Swiss and garlic cream

Feature dessert- grandmas no bake cherry cheesecake!!

#queensbarandgrill #portelgin #saugeenshores #brucecounty #fishandchips

Monday May 13

Monday Dinner!

Bottomless Pierogis – $5

Build your own Burritos – $8

20oz Craft Beer Pints – $5

Feature Burger – goat cheese, pesto , roasted red peppers

Pan Fried Georgian Bay Pickerel or Whitefish

Creamy Fettuccine w blackened salmon

Chicken Marsala w mushrooms

Teriyaki Chicken and Shrimp stir fry on Udon noodles

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Sunday May 5

Sunday Dinner !

Our New Pizza Oven….is still not hooked up….sigh

Feature Burger : Canadian Medium Cheddar and Jalapeno w white onion

Feature Appetizer – Lamb Spiedini brushed w garlic, EVOO, sea salt and pepper. served with Tatziki

Georgian Bay Pickerel or Whitefish – pan fried

Linguine w baby shrimp and dill in a cream sauce

Rack of Lamb, garlic, salt, pepper, dijon

Chicken Schnitzel w bacon cheddar sauce

Grilled Sesame Miso Salmon

Gnocchi w pesto, marinara, mozza and parm

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