Monday November 12

Monday Dinner!

All you can eat $5 Perogies!

$8 Burritos

$5 20oz Craft Beer Pints

Feature Burger : Bacon, Jalapeno and Swiss

Feature deep dish : Garlic, Cherry Tomatoes, Bacon and Red onions

Chicken Schnitzel topped with Cherry Tomatoes, Arugula tossed in EVOO and Lemon

Rib and Fried Shrimp Combo plate

10oz NY Strip w 2 Bacon Wrapped Scallops

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Sunday November 11

Sunday Dinner :

Feature Burger – Brie, pesto, sweet onion

Surf and Turf – Bacon Wrapped Scallops Reserve NY Strip

Rib and Fried Shrimp Combo Plate

Gnocchi w pesto goat cheese cream

Ravioli stuffed with chicken and mozza in marinara w hint of cream. Parmesan.

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Saturday November 10

Saturday – blow torched prime rib $26

Fresh seafood available all weekend! Check out our features!


Greek style mussels with lemon tossed fries, garlic mayo and baguette

Oysters served by the dozen or half, with house made condiments

Seacuterie – lemon and thyme poached shrimp, oysters, calamari, mussels and seared ahi tuna

Baked feta served with charred cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, evoo and balsamic


Pan seared chicken breast on wilted spinach with burst cherry tomato and crispy parmesan

Miso and sesame glazed salmon filet

Tonkatsu pork – panko fried pork loin on rice with a sweet and tangy sauce

Linguini and clams – light lemon butter cream and fresh parsley

Butternut squash ravioli in a sage and browned butter sauce with goats cheese and crushed hazelnuts

10oz AAA Angus striploin with grilled locally sourced shrimp (yes, you read that right)

14oz AAA Angus ribeye, cast ironed seared, with a rosemary infused butter

Hand tossed pizza with chicken, Moroccan olives, capers, roasted red peppers, chili flakes and oregano

Queens deep dish with sausage, pesto and Moroccan olives

In house ground burger with mustard aioli and crushed pretzels

For dessert!! Cinnamon cream tart

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Thursday November 8

World famous wing night!!

65 cents a piece! Try em with our sticky Asian glaze!!

House ground beef burger topped with sauteed onions, bacon, cheddar and house sauce

Pan seared chicken with warmed bruschetta and balsamic glaze

Queens style deep dish with gorgonzola, sausage, bacon and jalapenos

Cajun shrimp fettucine alfredo

10oz striploin with a whiskey pepper corn sauce

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Wednesday November 7

Steak night!!!

10oz AAA reserve striploin $21. We have the BEST beef in the area, hands down! Add crab hollandaise $8

Hand tossed pizza topped with carmalized onions, sauteed spinach, applewood smoked bacon and parmesan cheese

Fresh ground beef burger, crusted in peppercorns, topped with goats cheese and roasted red peppers

Turkey, prosciutto and brie melt on a demi baguette with balsamic dressed arugula

Fisherman’s platter – queens lager battered haddock, calamari and tempura shrimp

Crab Mac n cheese topped with buttered panko

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Tuesday November 6

Tuesday dinner!!!

All you can eat Canadian haddock n chips $10


In house ground beef burger topped with bacon, cheddar and a lightly fried egg

Chicken schnitzel with brie, burst cherry tomatoes and arugula

10oz striploin smothered in garlic sauteed onions and mushrooms

Pan fried great lakes whitefish with a lemon cream

Teriyaki and sesame crusted salmon filet

Seared ahi tuna on mixed greens with avocado, sweet onions and our sesame dressing

For dessert! Amarena cherry crepes with real whipped cream

#fishnchips #canadiansourced #sustainablefishing #queensbarandgrill

Monday November 5

All you can eat perogies $5

Build you own burrito $8

Pair em with a $5 craft beer!!!!

House ground burger topped with mushrooms, onions, smoky bbq n swiss

Chicken schnitzel on a demi baguette with brie, sundried tomato pesto and arugula

10oz striploin with a whiskey peppercorn sauce

Blackened cajun salmon with a cucumber and dill cream

Hand tossed pizza with nduja, pepperoncini and sliced black olives

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Sunday November 4

Sunday dinner!!!

House ground beef burger topped with peameal and cheddar

Chicken schnitzel with a tomato bechamel

Mac n cheese tortellini

Hand tossed pizza with sundried tomatoes, artichokes, goat cheese and chicken

10oz striploin with mushroom and red wine reduction

Blackened cajun salmon topped with bruschetta

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Sunday November 4 brunch served 11am – 3pm.

On Sundays, we brunch!!!

Its mimosa Sunday!! $5 each

Our brunch inspired features are…

Queens eggs benny with your choice of peameal, bacon or sauteed spinach and homefries

Traditional 2 egg breakfast, bacon or peameal, texas cut toast and duck fat roasted homefries

Roasted vegetable and goat cheese omelette

Belgian waffles, fried chicken and a spiced maple syrup glaze

#brunch #mimosasundays #queensbarandgrill

Friday November 2

Fresh seafood is in!

Oysters, served by the dozen or half

Mussels steamed in salsa, cilantro and tequila. Served with cajun fries, baguette and chipotle mayo

Blackened scallops with a horseradish sauce

Seacuterie board – seared tuna, salmon sashimi, oysters, mussels and calamari

Tonight’s enter features are

Southern style ribs $21

Beef ribs with a whiskey bbq sauce

10oz striploin with butter and lemon poached scallops

Bourbon and balsamic glazed salmon filet

In house ground burger with pork belly, pickled cucumbers and sriracha

14oz ribeye with a panko and gorgonzola crust

Sticky Chinese pork belly on rice

Pizza Bianca – alfredo, mozzarella, Romano and basil

Grilled buffalo chicken salad – gorgonzola, tomatoes, croutons, avocado and buttermilk ranch dressing

Butternut squash ravioli in a sage butter with crushed sugared walnuts and goats cheese

Crispy onion fried chicken schnitzel with a bacon garlic cream

Veal marsala on buttered linguini

For dessert!!

Black forest cake…. with boozy cherries!

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