Monday July 15

Monday Dinner :

Hipster Mondays!

All you can eat Pierogi’s – $5

Build your own Burritos – $8

20oz Craft Beer pints – $5

PBR – 3.50

Feature Burger – fried dill pickle chips, buttermilk ranch dressing, tomato

Feature Pizza – Fresh fiore di latte mozzarella, house pesto, roasted red peppers, prosciutto

Chicken Schnitzel w arugula, cherry tomatoes tossed in lemon and EVOO

14oz small farm sourced Ribeye w red wine mushroom reduction

Tagliatelle w sweet Italian sausage, mixed peppers and onion and marinara

Grilled Salmon w Avocado Salsa

6oz Haddock and Tempura Shrimp

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Sunday July 14

Sunday dinner!!

Our features tonight are….

Fresh hi berry farm pea and ham tagliatelle in a light garlic cream

10oz small farm sourced striploin topped with butter and lemon poached scallops

Hand tossed queens pizza with blistered cherry tomatoes, pesto, fresh mozzarella and balsamic

House ground beef burger topped with guacamole and crushed corn tortillas

Hi berry farm kale and blueberry salad with almonds, blueberries, avocado, goat cheese and honey dijon dressing

For dessert! Warm amarena cherry crepes with real whipped cream!!

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Friday July 12

Friday Dinner :

Southern Style Back Ribs – 24

PEI Mussels steamed w white wine, onion and butter, served with side of fries and garlic mayo

Panko crusted fresh Scallops w lemon butter

Feature Burger – Bleu Cheese, Bacon, pickle, tomato, lettuce

Feature Pizza – Blackened Chicken, roasted red peppers, onions and green olives

Veal Scallopine w artichokes, red peppers, black olives in white wine

14oz small farm sourced Ribeye w whiskey peppercorn sauce

Chicken and Shrimp Curry on Udon noodles

Seared scallops on creamy fettucine w cream, butter and parmesan

10oz NY Strip w marsala mushroom cream

Sesame Miso crusted Salmon filet

#queensbarandgrill #portelgin #saugeenshores #brucecounty

Thursday July 11

World famous wing night! 65 cents a piece! Try em dusted in parmesan and dipped in our house tomato sauce!

Chicken schnitzel sandwich on a potato bun with tomato, lettuce, pickle and ranch

House ground beef burger topped with fried mozzarella sticks and marinara

Hand tossed pizza with sauteed spinach, sundried tomatoes, chicken, feta and oregano

10oz farm sourced striploin topped with a red wine and mushroom reduction

Classic tagliatelle carbonara – smoked bacon, white onion, parmesan

Grilled salmon filet with an avocado salsa

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Monday July 8

Monday dinner!!!!

$5 bottomless perogies!!!


$8 build your own burritos


$5 local craft brews!


House ground beef burger topped with guac and crushed corn chips

Blackened chicken fettucine

Seared teriyaki and sesame glazed salmon filet

Hand tossed pizza with chicken, sundried tomatoes, feta and balsamic

10oz farm sourced striploin with red wine and portabello reduction

For dessert – fried banana bread with lindt fudge sauce and acadian vanilla ice cream

#dinner #allyoucaneatperogies #burrito #freshobsessed

Sunday July 7

Sunday dinner!!!

Fresh steamed mussels in marinated tomatoes, basil and garlic. Served with baguette

House ground beef burger topped with peameal and cheddar

Chicken schnitzel with a teriyaki and sesame glaze

14oz ribeye with a whiskey peppercorn sauce

Blackened scallops fettucine with cherry tomatoes, green onions and a light garlic cream

Hand tossed pizza with double pepperoni and parmesan

#dinner #features #queensbarandgrill

Friday July 5

Fresh seafood Fridays!! We source the freshest, sustainable seafood available! Todays shipment included raspberry point oysters, mussels, clams, lobster, mussels, salmon and tuna!!!

Our seafood inspired features are…

PEI mussels steamed in onion, garlic, crushed tomatoes and wine. Served with fresh baguette

Ahi tuna nachos on wonton chips with wasabi cream, ponzu, shredded lettuce and green onion

Proscuitto wrapped scallops served with hi berry farm peas and pickled strawberries

Raspberry point oysters, served by the dozen or half, with lemon, minced pickled strawberries and green tobasco

10oz farm sourced striploin with garlicky scallops

Poke tuna bowl on quinoa with carrot, cucumber, green onion and ponzu

Clam linguini in a light wine and lemon cream

Miso and sesame crusted salmon filet

2lb lobster dinner!! (We only have 1 left so call to reserve now!)

Your friends love seafood but you don’t? We’ve got you covered!!

Southern style ribs $25

House ground beef burger topped with chipolte, serrano ham, iceberg, pickle and smoky bbq sauce

16oz bone in ribeye with a bourbon cream

Seared chicken on linguini rose with burst cherry tomatoes and spinach

Hand tossed pizza with fresh pear, gorgonzola, apple wood smoked bacon on and olive oil base

For dessert!! Hi berry farms strawberry crepes with whipped cream

#dinner #features #seafood #fresh #queensbarandgrill

Wednesday July 3

Steak night!!

10oz small farmed sourced striploin dinner $25! Add our brandy peppercorn sauce for $5

House ground beef burger topped with pulled pork and onion rings

Seared chicken breast served on linguini rose with burst cherry tomatoes and sauteed spinach

16oz bone in ribeye with bourbon soaked onions

Queens style deep dish with meat sauce, spinach and parmesan

Beer battered haddock and tempura shrimp combo

For dessert!! Hiberry farm strawberry crepes with whipped cream

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Tuesday July 2

Tuesday Dinner :

All you can eat Canadian Haddock and Chips – $12

Feature Burger – mozzarella, pesto, roasted red peppers, white onion

Chicken Schnitzel w mushroom, white wine sauce

14oz Ribeye w Brandy, Dijon, Bleu cheese sauce

Mini Pierogis in Alfredo w crumbled sausage

Pork schnitzel with ham, alfredo and swiss

Feature Dessert – fried banana bread with lindt fudge sauce and ice cream

#queensbarandgrill #portelgin #saugeenshores #brucecounty #fishandchips #dinner

Monday July 1

Monday Dinner :

All you can eat Pierogis – $5

Build your own Burritos – $8

20oz Craft Beers – $5

PBR – 3.50

Feature Pizza – Ham, white onion, green olives, green peppers

Feature Burger – Peameal, cheddar, white onion and Dijon Mustard

Panzarotto – mushrooms, mozzarella, ham. Sauce served on the side

14oz Ribeye w Red wine mushroom reduction

9oz Canadian Haddock and Tempura Shrimp

Dinner Salad – seared 6oz NY Strip mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, onion w sesame seed dressing

Grilled Sesame Teriyaki Salmon

10oz small farm sourced NY Strip w garlic sauteed shrimp

Feature Dessert – fried Banana bread w Vanilla ice Cream and Lindt Chocolate Fudge sauce

#queensbarandgrill #portelgin #saugeenshores #brucecounty #pierogies #hipstermondays